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Evanston is located 11 miles north of the Loop, it is one of the most culturally oriented communities on the North Shore. This diverse community has everything a suburban dwell could want. Its lakeside location, convenient shopping and proximity to Chicago all add to its popularity among a spectrum of home buyers with a range of home-buying budgets. Evanston residents can walk to Lake Michigan and watch the sunrise, spend the day wandering through bookstores and art galleries and end the day with dinner in a restaurant that offers live opera.

Evanston has preserved much of its historical charm through such significant buildings as the Gross Point Lighthouse and the Charles Gates Dawes House. The village is home to numerous theater groups, a symphony orchestra, five museums and a number of art galleries and centers. Northwestern University add to the cultural mix of the community. Evanston boasts 263 acres of parks, five public beaches, five community centers, an educational ecology center, two indoor ice rinks, a golf course, tennis courts and a wide range of classes and programs.

Housing: Known for its distinctive architecture, vintage Evanston Homes include Victorians, Colonials, Tudors, and some Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Ranches, bungalows and split-levels are dominant in the newer area. Single-family homes ranged from $ 250,000-$ 4,000,000. The average 2007 single family home price was $655,019.

Schools: Students attend elementary school in District 65. Evanston Township High School District 202 offers an accelerated studies program with Northwestern University.
Please go to School District 65 website: www.district65.net and School District 202: website www.eths.k12.il.us for more information on the schools.

Transportation: The Edens Expressway (I-94) is just west of town, and drive time to the Loop in 40 minutes. Two Metra train stations serve Evanston. Commute time to the Loop in 35 minutes local and 21 minutes express. There is continuous El service to Chicago, with a rush hour express train that takes 25 minutes. O’Hare Airport is a 40-minutes drive, while Midway is an hour away. The trip takes 45 minutes on CTA’s Evanston Express.

Population:  74,486
Avg. home value:  $394,800
City Hall:  847-328-2100
City Website:  www.CityofEvanston.org 

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The village of Wilmette, just 15 miles north of the Loop, is considered one of the most desirable of the Chicago suburbs. With its proximity to the city, excellent schools, diverse architecture, access to beaches and well-manicured lawns, it is easy to understand why. The community boasts scores of businesses, homes and a good variety of businesses and services. Wilmette is also the home to one of finest school districts in the nation, and has an extensive park district, which illustrates dedication to the families who live there. The Wilmette Harbor is a haven for pleasure boating; in fact, a sunny summer day sees the lake filled with colorful sails. The beaches are a major attraction, and the community is extremely proud of its beach, the longest and one of the most popular ones in the area. Also on the lakefront is an outdoor arena at Gilson Park, which holds numerous programs including live theater and musical entertainment. The lake is not Wilmette’s only recreational opportunity. The village also has two public and two private golf courses, tow indoor ice rinks, a large outdoor pool, a variety of athletic fields and 19 public parks. The Baha’i Temple is the community’s crowning landmark, drawing tourists from all over the world to its lakeside location. The design of the nine sided domed temple took 40 years to complete. It is surrounded by nine flower gardens and nine fountains, Wilmette’s eastern section features an antique street lighting system, which was installed in 1925 using green cast-iron poles with ornamental luminary. This charming feature, along with its cobblestone streets, gives Wilmette a glowing link with its past.

Housing:  Stately Victorians, Tudors and Colonials are the prominent home styles closest to the lake. Colonials, split-levels, ranches, bungalows and some classic Victorians and Italianate homes are found in the central and western part of the town. Homes value range anywhere from $350,000 - $7,000,000. The average home price in 2007 was $970,836.

Schools:  Wilmette’s elementary students attend District 37 and 39. Gifted education, computer classes, music and art instruction are just some of the programs offered. To find our more about the schools please visit the website: www.Wilmette39.org. High School students attend New Trier Highs School, in District 203 to find out more information please visit the website: www.newtrier.k12.il.us.

Transportation: The Edens Expressway (I-94) is a quick hop for a half hour drive into the Loop. Local trains take 35 minutes to get to the Loop, 20 minutes by express. The CTA elevated train ride to the Loop is 40 minutes. O’Hare Airport is a 30 minute drive, and Midway is 45 minutes away.

Population: 27,087
Average Home Value: $970,836
Village Hall (Phone): 847-251-2700
Village website:  www.Wilmette.com

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Winnetka,18 miles from the Loop, has established a reputation as one of the most desirable communities in the greater Chicago area. Its stately homes, unique shopping area, excellent school districts and numerous recreation choices add to its appeal. Many of Winnetka’s small businesses are clustered in one of three major shopping areas, which resemble Tudor villages. There are antique stores, book stores, grocers, specialty food stores, gift shops and a variety of professional offices situated within these areas. The Winnetka Community House, a stately old Tudor mansion, serves the community as a hub for local activities and as a meeting place for a variety of local organizations. Programs of all sorts are held in the house, including art classes taught by the North Shore Art League, as well as music, dance and theater classes. The village has an extensive park system, recreation facilities and programs. Residents have their choice of three well-maintained beaches. The Lloyd Place Beach has a launching ramp for boats. The A.C. Nielsen Tennis Center and the Winnetka Ice Arena are also available for the enjoyment of residents.

Housing: Winnetka’s housing is diverse and includes everything from Colonials, Tudors, Georgian and Victorian to unusual contemporary cottages. Many of Winnetka’s homes are large and often have spacious property. The majority are 50-100 years old. The average sale price is $1,640,233. However, Winnetka’s mansions and homes situated on lakefront property call sell for as high as $13 million.

Schools: Elementary school children attend Carlton W. Washburne School in district 36 and Marie Murphy School in District 37. Both districts offer programs for gifted students, instruction in computer use, fine arts and music classes. For more information on the schools please visit these websites: www.winnetka36.org  and www.avoca.k12.il.us.  High School students attend New Trier High School, in District 203. Please visit website for more information:  www.nths.newtrier.k12.il.us.

Transportation: The Edens Expressway (I-94) is just west of the village. Drive time to the Loop is approximately 30 minutes. Commuters board Metra trains at three different stations in Winnetka for a 27-minute express trip to the Loop and a 42-minute trip on the locals. O’Hare International Airport is a 30-minute drive, and Midway is 45-minutes away. Bus service is available throughout the village.

Population: 12,419
Average Home Value: $1,532,440
Village (Phone): 847-501-6000
Village website: villageofwinnetka.org

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